Facility Management Typical System Architecture

Facility Management

SCADA Server & Operator Workstation

  • SCADA I/O Server manages the data communication between FMCS applications and the Field PLCs.
  • It handles and manage the FMCS Network Communication for all data being sent either to / from the IO Server, the Operator Workstation or remote notebook computers, printers, and all equipments which are connected to it through the Ethernet switch. The IO Server also control the Process Automation Peer to Peer Network, where it handles and manage all communications between the IO Server and all field PLCs.
  • Operator workstations (OWS) provides a one-stop Window for Operator/Manager to monitor and control the Building & Plant Operation without having the need to walk to field location to know what is happening and alarms arise from the field equipment. They can make appropriate supervisory decisions that may be required to adjust to over-ride normal PLC controls.

HVAC System Architecture

Facility Management

  • Chiller plant optimization
  • Based on cooling load and chilled water temperature thresholds

    • BTU = 1.19 * Delta T * Flow rate > 95% of 1 chiller load for more than 60 secs
    • CHWS temp > 7°C for more than 30 secs
    • Current chiller running > 900 secs
  • Chiller sequencing & run-hour equalization
  • Lead , Lag, Standby changeover of chillers, pumps and cooling towers periodically

  • Cooling tower optimization
  • Regulate VSD to maintain leaving water temp < 27°C

  • Chilled water pump optimization
  • Regulate VSD to maintain pressure set point of DP at common header

  • Chilled water temperature reset
  • Increase chiller chilled water supply temperature by 0.5°C under certain conditions

  • Load Shedding
  • Check before cutting in chiller set to avoid maximum demand charge

Green mark Compliance

  • GM for new buildings Ver 3.0 , Measurement & Verifications (M&V) guidelines for central chiller

Typical Graphical Display of Chiller Plant Room

Facility Management
Facility Management
Facility Management
Facility Management
Facility Management
Facility Management
Facility Management

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