Fire Sentry FS System 10 and FS10-R(FS10)

Fire Sentry FS System 10 and FS10-R

A high-speed microprocessor based fire detection and process control system specially designed for liquid and powder coating applications, the Fire Sentry FS System 10™ quickly detects the presence of a flame, reacts by initiating a shutdown of the electrostatic finishing process in a matter of milliseconds; and effectively interrupts the fire before residues and wet paint films can ignite.
Features & Benefits

  • Multi-spectral digital electro-optical infrared fire detector
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 33
  • Unique two-stage ALERT and FIRE ALARM response

Quick Specs

  • Immune to false alarms caused by arcs or corona discharges
  • Built-in automatic “through the lens” self-test
  • Not sensitive to background radiant energy sources such as paint heaters