KOSO D-Series

KOSO D-Series family of desuperheaters covers the full range of applications that are typically required in steam plants. It includes all three spray nozzle technologies which are commonly used for water-injection: fixed-area (pressure-atomizing) type, variable-area type and steam-assist spray nozzles. The D-Series desuperheaters also include configurations that feature integrated spraywater flow control, which eliminates the need for a separate spraywater flow control valve.


  • Fixed area nozzle(s)
    • DV1 Venturi
    • DVL Venturi low-loss
    • DVR Venturi ring
    • DPF Probe
    • DSR Spray ring
  • Variable area nozzle(s)
    • DPS Probe-type with spring-loaded nozzles
    • DPW Whirl-type nozzle
    • DMR Multinozzle ring with spring-loaded nozzles
  • Steam assist
    • DAS Steam assist nozzle

The selection of desuperheater for a specific application depends very much on the process requirements in that service.

However, the fundamentals remain the same in all cases – small droplet sizes, avoiding impingement of spraywater on hot pressure boundary, correct control logic, good practices in piping layout etc. These designs can also be combined with control valves for steam-conditioning systems/ PRDS (Pressure-Reducing Desuperheating Systems).