Steam assist

DAS Steam Assist Nozzle


  • Uses high – pressure steam to create very ne droplets
  • Requires availability of high pressure steam for atomization
  • Good mixing and evaporation at very low loads Typical applications
  • PRDS
  • Severe process steam desuperheating

T42 ‘Varitrol’ Variable Area

KOSO continues to offer the classic T42 Desuperheater. This design has been widely used in the industry for over 30 years. It features variable-area spray and has an integrated spraywater ow control. Finely atomised spray coolant is injected into the steam through a series of propriety at pattern spray jets, the opening of which is controlled at the point of injection.

Typical applications

  • Process steam desuperheating
  • PRDS (pressure-reducing- desuperheating-system)

As with other types of instrument and equipment, proper installation is necessary for the correct operation of the desuperheater. The elements of installation that are important include:

  • Piping layout, upstream and downstream
  • Distance to the first elbow
  • Distance to the temperature sensor
  • Strainer, spraywater isolation valve
  • Control logic, etc.